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April 26, 2011

ATTUS Technologies will market the compliance platform, Bankers Assistant, from Continuity Control to help financial institutions struggling with the increasing burden of managing the entire compliance process.

Financial institutions can now get all of their compliance, IT and other controls onto a single, SaaS platform for reductions in the cost of compliance.

“The Bankers Assistant program provides significant and sustained cost savings over any financial institution’s manual processes, but it also facilitates better controls and a more thorough audit trail for improved compliance adherence and documentation,” said Lori Moore, CRCM, director of compliance for ATTUS. “One of the most effective tools is the Monitor that allows financial institutions to see all of their compliance activities and their status in real-time.”

The Bankers Assistant program includes 24/7 Control Director to work with the financial institution, the Control Center platform to store and automate all procedures, audits and risk assessments, and access to dozens of pre-built Apps. Control Apps provide financial institutions complete programs with guaranteed compliance through a 100% examiner satisfaction guarantee.

“Our clients are telling us that their compliance burden is increasing at a dramatic rate; and with Dodd/Frank on the way, this pressure is too much. At current rates, the cost of compliance for a typical institution will be up 100% in the next five years. This trend is not sustainable,” added Tom Fedell, president and CEO of ATTUS Technologies.

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