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De La Rue Cash System Enhances Leading Portfolio of Solutions to Improve Customer Service and Increase Return on Investment Industry Leader Upgrades Suite of Cash Recyclers, Note Sorters and Coin Counters

November 14, 2007 – De La Rue, the pioneer of cash handling systems, anno unced several upgrades to its portfolio of innovative teller-automation and customer-focused solutions today. The enhancements to the company’s suite of products include the world’s fastest banknote counter, a new design innovation in self-service coin deposit systems and a highly intuitive cash recycler. The launch of these three products reiterates De La Rue’s leadership position and reinforces how the company’s rich heritage in cash development and handling drives today’s most well-known bank technologies.

“As the only company to operate over the entire cash cycle, we understand what it takes to make the cash-handling process as easy and pleasant as possible,” said John Smith, Senior Vice President of De La Rue Cash Systems, Inc. “With more deployments than all our competitors combined, we applied our deep experience with the constant stream of industry intelligence to develop these second-to-none products.”

De La Rue’s bank and credit union customers demand reliability and efficiency in their cash-handling investments, as well as solutions that maximize the service and performance tellers are able to provide to customers and members. The enhancements to the company’s collection of service-oriented products are a testament to De La Rue’s blend of technical expertise, manufacturing excellence and outstanding customer support.

Today’s announcements reinforce De La Rue’s commitment to provide valuable products and services throughout an entire branch, integrating them smoothly and intelligently into the back office and physical teller platforms for a quality customer experience. Solutions include:

De La Rue offers the world’s largest base of teller automation technology, with more than 90,000 machines installed globally. Building directly upon De La Rue’s four previous generations of recycling technology, the VERTERA offers advanced detection, fitness-sorting, superior performance and reliability in a compact device that is easily incorporated into the branch. In addition, the product is designed to meet the ergonomic needs of seated or standing tellers and, despite featuring the highest capacity in its class, is noteworthy for its compact size and reduced footprint in the bank.

“In introducing this new, compact cash recycler, we are providing maximum teller flexibility,” explained Smith. “Moreover, because we carefully designed the VERTERA, we have increased the number of sites within a branch where banks or credit unions can install a cash recycler. Through our innovation, more customers will have access to the benefits of teller cash recycling.”

Beneficial and easy-to-use, QuickChange has already earned a reputation in retail banking as a novel way to deliver enhanced customer service, attract new customers and increase branch staff productivity. With QuickChange, customers can quickly and conveniently deposit their accumulated coins without the need to count or sort denominations, reducing the need to wait in line to do so over the counter and thus increasing teller productivity. Today’s announcement adds to the portfolio with a bin collection variant. This provides considerable flexibility to retail banks, in terms of how they collect and sort coins and process them for delivery.

“No other coin counter comes close to offering the elegant product design of the bin variant version of QuickChange,” commented Smith. “From the sound-absorbing plastic resin material of the bin to the specially created wheels designed to reduce damage to branches’ high-quality flooring to the safety latch that prevents unforeseen spills, this product speaks to making coin counters a refined and user-friendly mechanism.”

EV86-Series Banknote Counter
The introduction of the EV86-Series banknote counter secures the company’s global leadership position, as it is the world’s fastest and most accurate note counter on the market today. Able to save banks and credit unions on average 45 percent of their banknote processing time and on average $1,200 a year on a typical count of 400 bundles of cash a day, the EV86-Series sorts more than 2,000 notes per minute and boasts an unprecedented 99.99999 percent accuracy rate. A primary feature of this product is the UltraFeed™ technology, which reduces stop rates, eliminates unnecessary re-feeding, maximizes processing efficiency and reduces overall cost of ownership. In addition, the product incorporates De La Rue’s unique, patented MDD™ (Mechanical Double Detection) system, which provides hugely superior count accuracy over all other systems, irrespective of banknote design or condition.

Smith explained, “The introduction of the EV86-Series offers bank and credit union staff a user-friendly experience when operating the note counter.”

De La Rue’s new product upgrades represent a significant evolution in bank and credit union technology and service. Smith remarked, “We designed these to enable our clients to delivery an exceptional experience for theirs customers or members, which, as all retail bankers know, is the key to growing their branch business.”

About De La Rue
De La Rue is the world’s largest commercial security printer and papermaker, involved in the production of more than 150 national currencies and a wide range of security documents, such as travelers checks and vouchers. The Company is a leading provider of cash handling equipment and software solutions to financial institutions and retailers worldwide, helping them to reduce the cost of handling cash. Employing more than 6,200 people across 31 countries, De La Rue is also pioneering new technologies, including tailored solutions to protect the world’s brands through to government identity solutions in secure passports, identity cards and driver’s licenses.

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