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ABA Banking Journal Mission Statement

ABA Banking Journal-the flagship monthly magazine of the American Bankers Association-exists to help managers and executives at commercial and savings banking institutions succeed in the competitive financial services market. We do that by identifying and exploring relevant business and societal trends, and by helping bankers cope with the many legislative/regulatory issues they face.
Bankers, like everyone else, have countless sources of information bombarding them daily. Our goal, as a monthly publication, is to use the skill, resourcefulness, and knowledge of our experienced staff to discern important threads running through the deluge of data. Using our knowledge of banking, we weave these threads into coherent articles and reports that offer not just facts, but perspective and context.
Published monthly for the American Bankers Association by Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corp. and copyrighted 2011 by ABA. Frank Keating,  President, 1120 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036, (202) 663-5000 www.aba.com.

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Disclaimer: With the exception of official Association announcements, the American Bankers Association disclaims responsibility for opinions expressed and statements made in articles or advertisements published in ABA Banking Journal or on its website ababj.com.


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