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ABA’s Bank Capture Program: Capture robbers and skimmers by capturing their data E-mail

New database combines private and federal data to track patterns of crime to prevent new ones
  December 9, 2011 

http://www.ababj.com/images/M_images/doug%20johnson%205-13-10%20004.jpgBy Doug Johnson, vice-president, risk management policy, American Bankers Association
The bank robber began his heist like he always did--casing the branch a couple days beforehand. A security officer thought the fellow seemed similar to a suspect wanted in two other robberies. The suspect had worn sunglasses and a ball cap at both of those robberies. And in those instances he ultimately walked out of the bank, only to come back a couple days later to attempt a robbery.

Thus began the sting.
Trapping rats with information
The bank security officer alerted law enforcement. As a result the suspect was apprehended as he was about to enter the KeyBank branch the second time for his robbery attempt.

“We knew the suspect had entered our branch, so we had a feeling we were being targeted,” said Stephanie Clarke, national manager for physical security services at KeyBank.

A significant resource used in thwarting this robbery was ABA Bank Capture, which became available to the full ABA bank membership in September. Think of the system as “Google Maps” for evaluating bank crime. 

The secure portal collects, analyzes, and disseminates real-time bank robbery and skimming data, allowing banks access to information on incidents as they are reported.

“ABA Bank Capture provides an invaluable tool for banks and law enforcement to detect and deter bank crimes,” according to Larry Brown, senior vice-president of risk management, First Citizens Bank, Raleigh, N.C., and chairman of the ABA Bank Security Committee. “Banks now have the ability to more deeply analyze crime trends and be alerted to crimes occurring at other banks in their vicinity.”

It should come as no surprise that the ABA Bank Capture was devised by the association’s Bank Security Committee. Who else better understands bank member needs than the bankers themselves? 

As part of their mission, members of the committee have also always sought to assist law enforcement in detecting and deterring bank crimes. As a result, the system also integrates with the FBI Bank Robbery Intelligence Center to communicate robbery details as they are received. The FBI reports back on cases as they are closed. The Bureau has also committed to feed their recent bank robbery data into the system, making it the most comprehensive database available of such crimes.
The new program is designed to help banks:

•    Get real-time robbery and ATM crime alerts
•    Benchmark against their peers
•    Track incidents regardless of location
•    Enhance communication with law enforcement
•    Reduce losses
Vendor support adds muscle
In addition to the FBI, the ABA has also partnered with Enabl-u Technologies and CAP Index to provide the data management and analytical backbones, respectively.

“ABA Bank Capture is designed to enhance banker and law enforcement reaction to bank crimes,” said Kevin McMenimen, president and CEO of Enabl-u Technologies, a division of ISO Crime Analytics. “The fully automated alerting and analytical capabilities of the system are particularly valuable in this era of constrained resources.”

The system’s over three years of historical crime data linked to branch location geography also gives bankers some powerful analytical tools to evaluate crime trends.

“CAP Index is proud to be the analytical arm of ABA Bank Capture,” according to Jon D. Groussman, president and COO of CAP Index. “We have a rich history at CAP of supporting corporations and associations with data-driven solutions. The participating members of the ABA system will reap the benefits of understanding, in a quantifiable manner, the trends and patterns of loss that will ultimately assist them in their quest to mitigate negative events and safeguard their assets.”

For additional information or to sign up for a demonstration click here.
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