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CAPTION BANK: The Money Hound E-mail


Bankers went to the dogs on this one


Readers of ABA Banking Journal Editors Report last week had the opportunity to provide a caption for this dog with $200 to spend. Who can resist a plaintive pooch? 20 bankers submitted entries. Entrants below participated in a random drawing for a $50 Amazon card, which will be awarded to Rhonda Register of Capital City Bank.


Your reward is some very funny captions, and few groaners.  Sorry, no biscuits.

--Steve Cocheo, executive editor and digital content manager


 •   •  •Caption Bank

1--"Um, I don't think you're supposed to be printing these in the basement..."

            Judy Brawner, compliance specialist, Country Trust Bank, Bloomington, Ill.


2--"Take this, blame it on the cat, and we'll act like this never happened."

            Paul J. Jarosz, senior vice president and director of government compliance, Oxford Bank & Trust, Oak Brook, Ill.


3--"Will this buy you a new pair of Manolo Blahniks?"

             Ann L. Richardson, avp, Audit/Compliance, CornerBank, N.A., Winfield, Kan.


4--"Who needs a dog that gets their slippers?"

            Rhonda Register, vice-president and co-director, Star University at Capital City Bank, Tallahassee, Fla.


5--"What do you say we forget the little mistake in the hallway?"

            Marvin Oesterle


6--"One toaster, please."

            Charles Driest, Online Channel Manager, Union First Market Bank, Richmond, Va.


7--"With today's economy, I sure hope two Bennies will get me a Milkbone!"

             Jane Wilks, Lexington, SC


8--"Please sir, I want some more."

             Megan Morris, market research analyst, Citizens National Bank, Bluffton, OH


9--"This is what I got when I told my dog, Ira, to rollover."

             Luis J. Maysonet, loan review internal auditor, Savings Institute Bank & Trust Co., Willimantic, CT


10--"I'll give you $200 to just forget about the visit to the vet." 

             Marlene Young, Compliance Officer/Auditor, Peoples State Bank, Plainview, Minn.


11--"Is this enough for my monthly maintenance fee?"

             Eileen Sullivan, Capital Performance Group, LLC, Washington, DC 20005


12--"You sure you won't reconsider that neuter thing?"

             Nelson Knowles, Prosperity Bank, AP specialist, St Augustine, Fla.


13--"What do you mean, ‘It will all be applied to late charges?' "

             Bill Bradshaw, president, Citizens State Bank, Princeton, Texas


14--"Look what I brought home, Mommy! Can I keep it?!?!?"

             Lynne M. Gautreau, compliance manager, Sovereign Bank, Boston, Mass.


 15--"Hello, can you help me? I was going to buy a treat, but I thought that I would open a savings account to save for bag of treats."

             Linda Liers, Internal Audit, Wauchula State Bank, Wauchula, Fla.


16--"Since his puppy dog eyes were beginning to lose their effect, Fido thought of another way to get out of trouble."

            Rebecca Svingen, Security State Bank, Fergus Falls, Minn.


17--"You need some ID so you can file a CTR?  Will the tag on my collar do?"

            Sandra H. Chastain, vice-president, BSA/CRA/Regulatory Compliance, Highland Commercial Bank, Marietta, Ga.


18--"This should be enough to ‘take care of' the cat problem."

             Irene Ryan, compliance administrator, High Country Bank, Salida, Colo.  


19--"Sooo .... this is my compliance budget for the entire year??"

              Sheri Bryan, internal auditor/compliance officer, Town SQUARE Bank


20--"I'll give you $200 to get rid of that cat."

             Shirley A. Donaroma, operations specialist, Edgartown (Mass.) National Bank


21--"Could I have some filet mignon, please?"

             Shirley A. Donaroma, operations specialist, Edgartown (Mass.) National Bank


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