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As many maintain, remote deposit capture was originally deployed as a customer retention product following Check 21 legislation being signed into law. In 2004-2005 banks offered RDC, although the infrastructure and image-clearing network necessary to clear…
Last year, in 46% of the FDIC IT examinations in which bank ratings were downgraded, inadequate vendor management was cited as a causal factor, says Donald Saxinger, senior examination specialist in FDIC's Technology Supervision Branch. "I'm…
Barcode and RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies have streamlined the process of keeping track of computers, office furniture, documents, and other physical assets. Which technology is best?
January 01, 2013

Paradigm shift

Windows 8 wants bankers to reach out and touch it
In October Microsoft unveiled its latest and, in some respects revolutionary, version of the Windows operating system, called Windows 8. The most noticeable new feature is its graphic user interface-the screen you first see when you…
Customers have embraced the use of interactive teller machines at the two busiest branches of Dollar Bank in Pittsburgh, piloted there beginning in July.
Based on the presentations at the Finovate Fall 2012 conference last week in New York City, personal financial management, investment tools, and small business technology are the hot technology trends now.
Investments in multichannel banking have been focusing on traditional and commonly known media such as mobile, web, branches, paper, email, and ATMs. These strategies have no doubt brought tremendous advances in customer experience, operating cost synergies,…


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