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The process of confirming client data in response to auditor requests is as routine and mundane as anything in the business of banking, but with recent technological advances the old paper-based system likely will switch to…
Apple, Google, Microsoft look to lock up the “superstack”
With the onslaught of electronic channels—from online and mobile banking to social media marketing—and the proliferation of gadgets—smart phones, tablets, and ever-slimmer laptops—the opportunity for cyber threats is increasing exponentially.     
Effective strategies for using a business process model approach to overcome challenges in corporate lending
Information is power. Now, it’s money, too. Ignore it at  your peril
When the “bring your own device” trend comes to the bank, measure the risks carefully
“Digital architect” describes the 3 key skills and the 5 foundational concepts that must be understood for banks succeed in the digital world
Remember when IBM’s supercomputer competed and won on Jeopardy! not too long ago? Now Citigroup has entered into an agreement with IBM to explore possible uses for IBM Watson that could help advance customer interactions and…


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