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Part 2 of a series airs six experts' views
ABA Banking Journal asked a number of analysts their opinions of what banks need to do to not only cope with the rapidly changing payments environment, but figure out how to best participate. Part 1 of…
Women worldwide offer an underserved market for mobile banking
ABA's new Emerging Payments Advisory Group will study and discuss the rapidly changing environment of payments and their associated technology. 
If it seems like everyone is doing it, it’s because everyone is doing it—mobile banking that is. Mobile banking has become the new table stakes in delivery channels. Aite Group estimates nearly 7,000 U.S. financial institutions…
Even with the acute industry focus on emerging electronic payments, one thing everybody agrees on: old-fashioned paper checks, though fading, are not going completely away any time soon.  
Mobile-device purchases of digital and physical goods are expected to exceed $730 billion annually by 2017, says Juniper Research.


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