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Lisa Valentine

Lisa Valentine

Including a financial planning regimen as a core competency is healthy for both clients and banks
With all the jockeying in the payments space, keeping up with new partnerships, upstarts, and product innovations could be a full-time job. Prepaid cards, alternative currencies (Ven, Bitcoin), mobile payments,…
Six ways to make technology work for you. The keys: Add it to strategic plans, lean on vendors, embrace new ideas, reconsider outsourcing  
The potential is real, but it’s not a slam dunk. Segmentation is key
If it seems like everyone is doing it, it’s because everyone is doing it—mobile banking that is. Mobile banking has become the new table stakes in delivery channels. Aite Group…
Fraud and customer service were two factors. Is it time to follow suit?
Few clear winners stand out, leaving banks mostly still watching. Herewith an informal “new payments scorecard”
Greater regulatory scrutiny moves "enterprise risk management" front and center. "Risk appetite" is a key strategic element


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